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Spectral DMA-500AR mono amp

Goodwin's High End is the oldest and most experienced Spectral dealer in the US. We recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of our long association with Spectral and Spectral has become our #1 selling line here in the store. When you hear the sonic purity and sheer naturalness of the current generation of Spectral componentry you will immediately understand why so many people end up choosing to base their system around their components.


Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier


Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier 

The DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono amplifier is a limited edition masterpiece that Spectral introduced in order to celebrate their 40th anniversary! Each pair of amplifiers goes through a 500 hour burn-in. Then each pair spends one week in the listening room at the Spectral factory for final tweaking to the nth degree before they are shipped! In addition the channel to channel matching of each pair is done to an extraordinarily high level.

When we first heard the production prototype in early July 2017 here at the store we were rather amazed. We thought that we would hear a subtle but noticeable improvement over previous Spectral power amp designs. However this was beyond what we expected. Shortly thereafter we received our production pair and we had a chance to really audition it even more thoroughly. After living with it for months we are very happy to report that in our opinion this is Spectral's first true "Super Amp".

Then in November 2017, Alan Goodwin visited the Spectral factory and had the opportunity to talk extensively one-on-one with both Keith Johnson (Chief Designer) and Richard Fryer (President and Project Manager) about what they had achieved with this new amp. Literally this represents a technological breakthrough. With single-sourced custom parts and a unique circuit designed around those custom parts, Spectral has taken the art/science of power amplification design to a whole new level. Never before have we ever heard such a pure and natural expression of our favorite music. There are many very technical aspects to the design, but really all you need to know is that this is a very special amplifier that you simply have to hear to believe! And so you are invited to visit the store, bring your favorite music and audition it for yourself. One listen and you too will understand why we are so excited about this new amplifier!

Note: The specs below are on the conservative side in terms of power, etc. In actuality the power supply of the DMA-500AR has 50% more power capacity as compared to the DMA-400--so the amps can really drive difficult speaker loads with tremendous finesse and ease.

Update: Fortunately we had the foresight to place quite a large order of these as soon as we heard the production prototype. However as of May 2019 there are only a few more pairs available of this limited edition. If you are seriously interested please feel free to call us at 781-893-9000 and ask to speak to Alan Goodwin.


Power Output (continuous)                        @8 ohms -- 350 watts RMS

Power Output (continuous)                        @4 ohms -- 580 watts RMS

Power Output (continuous)                        @2 ohms -- 750 watts RMS

Output Current                                          90 amperes

Rise Time                                                  less than 225 nanoseconds

Settling                                                      28 microseconds to 0 signal noise

Slew Rate                                                  1200 volts/microsecond

Signal to Noise                                          108 dB ASA A

Input Impedance                                        10K ohms

Power Supply Maximum Consumption       2000 watts

Power Supply Quiescent Consumption       115 watts

Operating Temperature                              0 degrees/32 degrees Farenheit to +50 degrees Celsius/122 degrees Farenheit

Fuse                                                          3A/3AG slo blo

Dimensions                                                20" W x 19.6" D x 7.25" H

Weight                                                       72 lbs, 34 kg Net

           Wooden Shipping Crate Dimensions            27" W x 27" D x 19" H

           Wooden Shipping Crate Weight                   120 lbs

Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier

Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier

Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier

Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier


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