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Goodwin's High End is one of the oldest and most experienced Basis dealers in the US. The design of the Basis turntables have been continuously refined over the past two decades and at this point has reached quite a high level of sonic neutrality. After all a turntable shouldn't have a sound of it's own, it should merely be a platform for a record to be played from!  Not only are the designs of their various turntables quite refined, but the precision of their manufacturing is top notch. For instance if you look at the run-out (a machinist term referring to the degree of concentricity) of their platters, they are incredibly accurate in both their shape and their degree of centeredness. Plus the mechanical impedance of their platters is ideally matched to that of a vinyl record such that the record can effectively become one with the platter, which of course is the ideal. Couple that with very intelligently designed suspension and you have a superb line of turntables.

Basis Turntables

Basis 2200 turntable w/ Basis Vector Model 4 tonearm


Basis has a complete line of turntables to choose from. Their line consists of the following:

      2000 Signature Series turntable (visco-elastic suspension)

      2001 Signature Series turntable with fluid-damped suspension

      2200 Signature Series medium-mass turntable with fluid-damped suspension

      2500 Signature Series high-mass turntable (fluid-damped suspension)

      2800 Signature high-mass turntable with vacuum (record hold-down) and fluid-damped suspension

      Dual Tonearm Signature Series high-mass Turntables

      Debut Signature Series High Mass Turntable

      Work of Art



Basis Tonearms

Basis Vector Model 4 tonearm

      Vector Model 4 Tonearm

      Vector Model 4 Tonearm with VTA micrometer



If you would like to upgrade your turntable and/or tonearm click here for more info. And of course please feel free to call us as we would be happy to discuss the various options that are available to you.


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