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How to enable Tivo's 30-second commercial skip

The DirecTV high-definition Tivo satellite receiver (HR10-250) lacks the convenient 30-second forward skip button that ReplayTV and UltimateTV users enjoy.. Out of the box, the HD/Tivo receiver lets you skip commercials only by fast-forwarding and then pressing play at just the right instant possible, but not very convenient. With the following 30 second skip button feature, you can press the skip button once for each advertisement in the commercial break. We have verified this feature with the HR10-250, and believe that it works with other Tivo models. We offer this as a tip only, not as a guarantee as the feature could change in the future.

To enable the 30-second skip feature on this button:

  1. Start any previously-recorded show playing.
  2. While playing, press SELECT, then PLAY, then SELECT, then 3, then 0, and finally SELECT again.
  3. Hear three bongs (assuming that you have Tivo sounds enabled).
  4. To revert the button it its original function, repeat the process.

Note that this setup isn't permanent. You will have to repeat the process anytime that the receiver reboots, such as after losing power or after a software upload. You might want to make a label with these instructions and put it on the back of your remote control.


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