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Berkeley Audio Design was founded by Michael Ritter and Pflash Pflaumerwho were part of the original team at Pacific Microsonics. Pacific Microsonics was the company that designed and manufactured the famed Model One and Model Two.

The Pacific Microsonics Model Two was, and still is today, the finest A-D converter ever produced. (The Model One being the second best of course.)  In addition it also contained a superb D-A converter. And we're not the only ones who know this. Even today, years after it was discontinued, we still get calls and emails from top Mastering Engineers and Recording Engineers from all over the world seeking to purchase either a Model Two or a Model One. [Note: We were the East Coast dealer for the Model Two and so we know a lot about it.]

Their prior experience from Pacific Microsonics has obviously facilitated Berkeley Audio Design in producing a superior DAC. Consequently their Alpha DAC has since become our best-selling digital-to-analog converter by far.

Alpha DAC Series 2

Since it was introduced at the beginning of 2008 the Alpha DAC has been one of our best-selling components. Now with the introduction of the Alpha DAC Series 2 it has been further refined. This D-A (digital-to-analog) converter offers a surprisingly high level of sound quality for a surprisingly low price—which of course is a winning combination!  If you connect a CD Transport and/or a Music Server to it then you'll hear for yourself what all of the excitement is about. It will play anything from 44.1/16 (also referred to as Red Book which describes the type of file on a CD disc) up to 192/24 files, whether they be broadcast wave (BWAV), wave (WAV or wave files are the type that are on a CD) or FLAC (which are losslessly compressed wav files). To be more specific, it will play the following kHz sampling rates:

  • 44.1

  • 48

  • 88.2

  • 96

  • 176.4

  • 192 kHz

Those files can be 16, 20, or 24 bits. It can also play HDCD-encoded files which are the sonic equivalent of 44.1 kHz / 20 bit files. It can even do MP3's (lossy compressed files) if you have some of those. [Note: if this techno-jargon is confusing to you please call us.]

What else can we say, this D-A converter from Berkeley Audio Design is a very exciting product because it points the way to a future of being able to listen to an ever-growing library of high resolution music files. But it isn't just for the future, as there already exist high resolution files such as the Reference Recordings HRX files and many others. For more information on high resolution files and the music servers that can play them into the Alpha DAC Series 2 please click here. And of course all of your CD's can be played today, from a CD transport and/or a music server, while we're waiting for larger catalogs of high resolution files to become available in the future.

Here are links to larger photos of the front and the rear of the Alpha DAC Series 2.

Alpha DAC Review

      Absolute Sound

"NEW" Alpha USB

For info on the new Alpha USB click here.

If you would like to pair an Alpha DAC with a music server click here for info.


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