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Goodwin's High End is the oldest and most experienced Spectral Audio dealer in the US. There is a lot to know about how to integrate Spectral components into a system in order to deliver the best possible results. With our collective expertise in Spectral you can rest assured that you are getting the best advice when it comes to either assembling a new system or upgrading an existing Spectral system, whether it is brand newor years or even decades old. We recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of our long association with Spectral and Spectral has become our #1 selling line here in the store. When you hear it of course you will immediately understand why so many people choose it after comparing it to the other components available today.

Previous Generation Spectral Audio Components

Below are some Spectral Audio products from the past 30+ years that are no longer current models:


Spectral Audio - Digital

      SDR-1000 CD Player  (1987)

      SDR-1000 Series II CD Player

      SDR-1000SL CD Player

      SDR-2000 D-A Converter

      SDR-2000 Pro D-A Converter

      SDR-3000 CD Transport

      SDR-3000SL CD Transport

      SDR-4000 CD Player  (2005)

      SDR-4000S Pro CD player

      SDR-4000SL CD player


Spectral Audio - Preamplifiers

      MS-ONE preamplifier  (1977)

      DMC-5 preamplifier

      DMC-5A preamplifier

      DMC-6 preamplifier

      DMC-6 Series II preamplifier

      DMC-10 preamplifier  (1980)

      DMC-10 preamplifier Beta

      DMC-10 preamplifier Delta

      DMC-10 preamplifier Gamma

      DMC-12 preamplifier

      DMC-12 preamplifier w/phono

      DMC-12 Series II preamplifier

      DMC-12 Series II preamplifier w/phono

      DMC-15 preamplifier

      DMC-15SS preamplifier

      DMC-20 preamplifier

      DMC-20 preamplifier w/phono

      DMC-20 Series II preamplifier 

      DMC-20 Series II preamplifier w/phono

      DMC-30 preamplifier 

      DMC-30S preamplifier

      DMC-30SL preamplifier 

      DMC-30S Series II preamplifier  (2003)

      DMC-30SL Series II preamplifier  (2003)

      DMC-30SS preamplifier

      DMC-30SS Series 2 preamplifier


Spectral Audio - Power Amplifiers

      DMA-100 stereo power amplifier  (1982)

      DMA-200 stereo power amplifier

      DMA-50 stereo power amplifier

      DMA-80 stereo power amplifier

      DMA-80M mono power amplifier

      DMA-90 stereo power amplifier

      DMA-100S stereo power amplifier

      DMA-150 stereo power amplifier

      DMA-150 Series II stereo power amplifier

      DMA-150S Universal stereo power amplifier

      DMA-180 stereo power amplifier  (1992)

      DMA-180 Series II stereo power amplifier

      DMA-360 mono power amplifier  (1999)

      DMA-360S Universal mono power amplifier

      DMA-160S Universal stereo power amplifier

      DMA-250 power stereo amplifier

      DMA-250S Universal stereo power amplifier

      DMA-100S Series 2 stereo power amplifier

      DMA-200S power stereo amplifier

      DMA-260 power stereo amplifier

      DMA-360 Series 2 mono amplifier

      DMA-200S Series 2 power stereo amplifier - White Paper

      DMA-260 Series 2 power stereo amplifier

      DMA-400RS Reference Standard mono power amplifier


Spectral Audio - Phono Cartridges

      MCR moving coil cartridge  (1987)

      MCR Select moving coil cartridge

      MCR Signature moving coil cartridge

      MCR Signature II moving coil cartridge

      MCR Signature IIB moving coil cartridge


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