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HDCD Articles and Papers

For more information about HDCD, check out these papers and articles:


HDCD Technical Paper

The HDCD Technical Paper was presented at the 101st Audio Engineering Society Convention in Los Angeles in November 1996 by Keith O. Johnson and Michael W. Pflaumer, the inventors of HDCD technology. This paper will answer all the detailed technical questions you might have about how HDCD works.

Abstract: A conjugate record and playback system is described that enhances the resolution and sonic performance of digital audio recording based on linear pulse code modulation, while remaining compatible with standard linear playback. Using additional information encoded entirely in the program material, it addresses both the amplitude resolution and sampling rate limitations of the current commercial recording standards.

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HDCD and Future Audio Formats

The high accuracy of HDCD A/D and D/A conversion technology is essential to realize the full potential of any digital audio format. The Compact Disc is enormously successful, with more than 1.3 billion discs and more than 100 million players sold annually, and will be a major release format for at least the next 10 years, especially with its quality substantially improved by HDCD technology. In addition, new digital audio formats, such as the audio-only version of the DVD, will benefit greatly from the unequaled "life" and naturalness provided by HDCD A/D and D/A conversion and HDCD filtering technology.

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HDCD Gain Scaling Application Note

The Gain Scaling Application Note explains one of the very powerful methods used in the HDCD process to increase the effective dynamic range of 16 bit recordings by up to 6dB. It describes the relationship between the HDCD encoding option called Peak Extend and the complementary decoding function called Gain Scaling.

Read HDCD Gain Scaling Application Note.


HDCD Decoder FAQ

The HDCD Decoder FAQ answers many common questions about the HDCD process and provides interesting details on the HDCD hidden code. The FAQ covers basic decoding functions when playing back an HDCD encoded CD. The FAQ also answers several common questions about implementing a typical HDCD Decoder solution.

Read HDCD Decoder FAQ.



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