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The Development of HDCD

Early development by Keith Johnson and Pflash Pflaumer

The patented HDCD technology was developed and perfected between 1986 and 1991 by Keith Johnson and Pflash Pflaumer, two preeminent technologists in the audio arena. In 1995, the HDCD technology was officially introduced to the market. Microsoft is building on this success and extending the reach of the decoder technology by building relationships with large, established audio integrated circuit (IC) vendors focused on the CD player, audio/video (A/V) receiver, and DVD markets.

Keith Johnson is a GRAMMY-nominated recording engineer who also coauthored several patents covering optical disc technology that are the basis of today's video discs and digital audio CDs. Johnson cofounded Gauss Electrophysics where he invented the technology used throughout the industry that allows high-speed, high-quality duplication of prerecorded audio tapes.

Pflash Pflaumer is well known to those in computer networking as the inventor of TOPS, the first local area network that connected IBM PCs, Apple Macintosh, and minicomputers running UNIX. For more than three years, TOPS was the #1 international best-selling Macintosh network product and earned Pflaumer several awards. Later, the company he cofounded to develop TOPS was acquired by Sun Microsystems.

Adoption by professional audio studios and high-profile recording artists

More than 5,000 HDCD recordings have been made by leading mastering studios around the world. More than 250 HDCD recordings have appeared on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and more than 175 HDCD recordings have been nominated for GRAMMY Awards. (View a list of the HDCD GRAMMY nominees in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001).

Adoption by leading audio chip and consumer electronics manufacturers

Leading audio chip manufacturers—including Analog Devices, Burr Brown, Motorola, Sanyo, and Zoran—have licensed this same HDCD technology to develop HDCD chips for the general audio market. HDCD decoder integrated circuits (ICs), which include HDCD decoding and HDCD filtering, are a worldwide standard in high-fidelity audio systems, with more than 100 models of HDCD-equipped players now available from companies like Denon, Harman Kardon, Rotel, Spectral, and Toshiba.

These new chips will be used in a wide range of playback products such as DVD players, A/V receivers, mini-component systems, CD players, changers, and portables. The HDCD decoder chip used in these consumer products contains the HDCD high-precision digital filter, which improves the sound quality of all types of digital audio recordings. This means that any A/V receiver, CD player, DVD player, and MiniDisc player equipped with HDCD will produce significantly better sound from your entire collection of CDs, DVDs, and MDs.

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