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High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD) is a family of sophisticated technologies that improve the quality of all forms of digital audio recording and playback- including Compact Disc and DVD-Audio-by increasing resolution and reducing distortion that occurs during analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion, digital processing and digital filtering. Following are the primary benefits of HDCD technology:


  • HDCD-encoded recordings sound better on all digital player products because HDCD subtractive dither A/D conversion and dynamic-filter processes yield a higher resolution, lower distortion, signal. For HDCD Compact Disc releases, Peak Extend restorable soft limiting can increase resolution by allowing signal levels to be raised by up to 6 dB, Low Level Extend can improve resolution of low- level signals, and HDCD high-frequency dither improves resolution by 6 dB (one bit). Learn more.

  • HDCD-equipped players improve the sound of all digital recordings because HDCD decoding includes the HDCD precision up-sampling digital filter.

  • When played on a player with HDCD decoding, HDCD Compact Disc recordings have set a new standard for audio fidelity in the home because, on top of delivering all the benefits mentioned above, HDCD decoding restores encoded peaks and low-level information, resulting in a signal with 20 bits of real musical information instead of the 16 bits of all other CDs.

Learn more about how HDCD encoding and decoding processes work.

The professional Model Two HDCD processor is designed for DVD, DVD-Audio, and CD mastering, mixing, and tracking. The Model Two features two channels of HDCD A/D conversion, D/A conversion, and digital processing at 192 kHz, 176.4-kHz, 96-kHz, 88.2-kHz, 48-kHz, and 44.1-kHz sampling rates and 24-bit, 20-bit, and 16-bit word lengths.

The Model Two is designed for surround sound, with a Master mode that allows multiple Model Two units to run from a single precision clock. That makes the Model Two a master word sync generator, allowing A/D and D/A conversion to be directly clocked from a precision internal reference. Resolution and accuracy are unmatched, with distortion products below -120 dB..



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