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CD-R blank media

For long terms usage it is recommended to use CD-R discs, not the erasable CD-RW which are only designed for short-term storage. The highest quality CD-R blank media have the following specifications:

  • Gold playing surface (Note: the playing surface is the bottom. The top is where you will find the label. So obviously do not look at the top when trying to determine the reflective layer type. Look at the bottomespecially the exposed areas around the rim and inner hub. )
  • Phthalocyanine Dye (Note: of the 3 dyes this is the longest lasting.)

In addition, typically if the manufacturing is done in Japan or the US one might expect higher quality manufacturing and QC (Quality Control).

Note; It is recommended to keep discs away from sunlight, UV, and heat. For archival purposes cold storage is best.



For a high quality blank disc the following is recommended:

MAM-A (formerly known as Mitsui) Gold Audio CD-R 74 Pro Audio Master 1x-12x with Phthalocyanine (Type 5) & a shiny gold recording surface

With these you can print on them with a monocolor thermal printer, apply a label, or just simply write on the surface with a CD pen.

Note: Pro Audio Master Gold CD-Rs are made specifically for older audio recorders that use ATIP and are designed for lower speed writing (1-12x). Lower speed writing takes longer but it is the best way to get bit-for-bit accuracy. Also please note that these discs do not have SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) and therefore will not work in standalone CD recorders that require a Digital Audio or Audio Only CD-R for copy protection. These discs have a predicted life expectancy of 300+ years when properly stored.


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