NOTE: It is important to properly setup the AES 16 by using the right driver to keep the audio stream out of any imbedded Operating System SRC’s, volume controls, or EQ’s. Below you will find specific suggestions for a Windows XP system (not Vista) using the MediaMonkey player.

Lynx Studio Technology AES16 Installation for music servers running Windows XP 

1)         Install AES16 card in computer running Windows XP

2)         Boot up in administrator mode

3)         Cancel New Hardware Found Wizard, which should pop up (It installs the wrong driver, which confuses everything.)

4)         Run "Version 1 Driver Installer 57g" program found in the '\Windows\LynxTWO L22 AES16' directory on the disc that came with the AES16 card. It can also be downloaded from the Lynx web site: (check "Search Archives")

5)         In the Lynx Mixer, under the Mixer Menu, select "Restore Defaults" and check version numbers under "About" menu. Verify that Driver: LynxTWO Version 1.30 Build 057g and either Firmware Rev 22 or Rev 23 are installed.

6)         If Firmware Rev 22 or Rev 23 is not installed, use this link to download the correct firmware updater. Save it to the desktop.

7)         Double click on the "L2Update21o.exe" icon and follow the prompts. Repeat step 5 to verify that Firmware Rev 22 is installed. Note: if another AES16 driver version was previously installed, it must be manually uninstalled and the system rebooted before installation.