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File Naming in Exact Audio Copy

If you are using Exact Audio Copy here are some tips: Before ripping any music, make sure that you set up Exact Audio Copy the way that you wish your name your files. One order that is possible is:

"%A" - %C - %N - %T

"%A" = CD or track artist

"%C" = CD title

"%N" = Track #

"%T" = Track title

"-" = a dash

However the method above can sometimes result in file names that are too long. So if you don't want to do as much text editing then this is what we recommend:

%N - %T

(space dash space between the track # and the track title)



(an underscore between the track # and the track title)

"%N" = Track #

"%T" = Track title

If you use this latter approach then you need to first create a folder for Artist. Then inside the Artist folder you need to create a folder for Album. Inside the Album folder you then would have your files which would be named with Track # and Track Title.


So it would look like this:

(Artist folder) / (Album folder) / (Track #) - (Track Title)


(Artist folder) / (Album folder) / (Track #)_(Track Title)


Which in Media Monkey would be this:

\<Artist>\<Album>\<Track#> - <Title>




The advantage to either one of the two approaches above is that you won't have as much of a problem with long file names, especially with classical music. If you start working ripping files and then look at them in Media Monkey (or whatever music server software you are using) you may eventually discover all of this for yourself.

But whatever file naming method and folder hierarchy you use, once you select it you should stay with it and not change it or you will create extra complications that you then will have to sort out.

Compilation CDs of Various Artists

If you have a compilation CD with a number of different artists on it then you may wish to activate the option in Exact Audio Copy for that precise purpose which is under EAC Options>Filename>"use various artists naming scheme".


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