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Windows 8 Tweaks


If you are using Windows 8 as an OS for your music server you might find some of the following tweaks to be useful.



Turn off Live Tiles

When using a computer as a Music Server we suggest turning off all Live Tiles. You'll know which ones are live, (for instance Sports, Stocks, or Weather), because the data from the internet is changing the way a live tile looks.

Right-click on each live tile.

A settings bar on the bottom will pop up with an option to turn the Live Tile off.



Uninstall Modern UI apps


On the “Modern UI Screen” (formerly called Metro) right click near the bottom of the screen.


Click on the all Apps button.


Uninstall all of the apps that you don't want. Among the ones that you uninstall you might wish to get rid of the music and video and picture apps. This will stop your system from being taken over by any of these apps when you click on files.

Remove all the tiles you don't want off the Metro Screen.


Note: When you install Desktop Applications they will appear on the Modern UI Screen. However you can also just use the desktop and never use the Modern UI screen.



Put the “Computer Icon” and “Control Panel Icon” on the Desktop


Right click on the Desktop


Select Personalize





Then select Change Desktop Icons and the Computer Icon and a Control Panel Icon are there to be selected and put on your desktop.


desktop icon settings




Disable the Lock Screen


First find the Group Policy Editor. You can do this by searching via Modern UI by clicking on Settings which is on the right and then just type Group Policy Editor anywhere) and head to:


Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Personalization


Once you're there, double click "Do not display the lock screen" and enable the policy. The lock screen should be disabled.



Log in without a username or password


To speed up the log-in process, you may want to disable the username and password log-in screen.


Open the Run window (press the Windows key + R)


Type in "netplwiz" to access the User Accounts dialog box.


Uncheck the box near the top that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer."


Click OK, and enter the username and password one last time to confirm your choice.



AutoStart JRiver Media Center

First start JRiver Media Center program

Click Tools (at the top)

Click Startup

Under Windows Startup click down arrow and select one of three startup choices



Get programs without a built-in startup into WIN 8 Startup


First of all launch the Run dialog box. This can be done by pressing Win+R key from anywhere in Windows 8


Type or copy/paste the following:


C:\Users\"insert your username here"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


(Note: You have to type your user name in where it says "insert your username here" - but omit the parentheses.)



Next, go to the shortcut of the app that you want to put in the Startup folder. Hold the right button of the mouse and drag the shortcut of that application to the Startup folder. You will be prompted with a few options. Select Create Shortcuts here.

The shortcut of your desired applications will appear in the Startup folder. All shortcuts to apps placed within this folder will be executed automatically when Windows goes through the Startup process. 




Shut down with one click -
Create a power button to shut down


Windows 8 hides the Power button in the Settings menu thus forcing you to perform a multi-step process to shut down your computer. However you can pin a Shutdown button right onto the bottom of your desktop.

Create a shortcut on your desktop (right-click, go to New, then Shortcut).

Enter "shutdown /s /t 0" (with no quotes--and that is a zero not an "O") as the location of the item, and press Next.

Type the name of the shortcut as "Shutdown") and press Finish.

Right-click the shortcut, and navigate to Properties. Choose Change Icon in the Shortcut tab, and then OK to leave the warning box.

Choose an icon of your choice from the list. In the screenshot above, you'll see we chose a Power button.

Right-click the shortcut again, and select Pin to Start.

By dragging it you can place the icon on your Start screen wherever it's convenient.

Now by clicking it you can instantly shut down your computer!


Note: You also may be able to set-up your computer such that the hard On/Off button on the computer itself will perform a proper shutdown with one quick touch. This can also be very handy.


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