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Internet Radio

What about Internet Radio?

There are innumerable Internet radio stations which are broadcasting now. Internet radio is a lossy compressed digital audio signal which means that it is not as good sounding as a CD. However at higher bit rates some Internet Radio Stations have the potential to sound as good or better than the best analog FM, as well as better than either HD Radio or Satellite Radio as those are more lossy compressed digital signals. Of course this is presuming that your internet connection has good continuity and is not dropping down to a lower bitrate due to VBR (variable bit rate).

Some stations stream at bit rates such as 224k, 256k, 320k, and higheralthough most are much less. Obviously a higher bit rate is better. Stations also stream at different sampling rates such as 16, 20, 22, 24, or 44kHz. Once again a higher number is better. Some stations are in mono but most are stereo. It is advisable to update to the latest generation of player software as some stations only play on later versions. Of course given that this is the internet, you may at times experience connection problems, stuttering, etc.

ReQuest Music Server upgrade for Internet Radio

If you have a ReQuest F.Series, N.Series, or IQ system server it can be upgraded via software to play Internet radio stations. For more info here is a link.

Internet Radio and Music Streaming

For information on Internet Radio and Streaming Music Services here are some links:

Some Better Quality Internet Radio Stations

Some Internet Radio stations streaming at higher rates include:

Radio Bitrate (kbps) Codec Language Genre
KEXP 1411   WAV English Rock, Experimental, Punk, Blues, Roots, Country, Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae, World, Jazz
Norsk 5.1 778   WMA Norwegian
Concertzender SR 384   WMA Dutch
Radio4 384   WMA Dutch
Bartók Radio 353   G2 Hungarian
Magyar Bartók 320   MP3 Hungarian
NRK KLASSISK 320   WMP Norwegian
Armageddon 320   MP3 English
DeepVibes 320   MP3 English
KMLP 320   MP3 English
RAAR 320   MP3 English
Zappa 320   MP3 English
AVRO Light 320   MP3 Dutch
Devín 256   OGG Slovakian
AVRO Classique 256   MP3 Dutch
AVRO Beste 256   MP3 Dutch
AVRO Baroque 256   MP3 Dutch
AVRO Ziel 256   MP3 Dutch
AVRO Operette 256   MP3 Dutch
AVRO Film 256   MP3 Dutch
Magyar Petőfi 256   MP3 Hungarian
Magyar Kossuth 256   MP3 Hungarian
WUFT 320   WMP English
WUFT 256   MP3 English Classical, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Folk, African, Celtic, Space
WBAA Classical 256   RA English Classical, Celtic, Space
WBAA Jazz 256   RA English Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, World
Soundportal 256  VBR OGG German
DanceRadio 256  VBR OGG Czech
KIFcool 256   MP3 English Soft
WPRB 256   G2 English  
Aspen  256   MP3 English  
Shonan Beach 256   WMP Japanese Jazz
Revolt 224   MP3 English Rock
Český D-Dur 224  VBR OGG Czech
Český Vltava 224  VBR OGG Czech
Český Leonardo 224  VBR OGG Czech
Český Žurnál 224  VBR OGG Czech
Český Praha 224  VBR OGG Czech



Some Classical Music Radio Stations

[Note: Time and Date can be useful when reading station program guides from around the world.]

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