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D-Box for Home Theaters

The D-Box system is a home theater effects technology that allows specially designed or modified chairs to move in-sync with a film's action through a series of pre-programmed commands. Alternatively, if you don't have integrated D-Box home theater seating, your existing chairs or couch can be placed on a specially made platform and the effects will be the same. When watching a D-Box encoded Blu-ray the seats can be made roll, pitch, and heave—and even be made to rise up 1.5 inches when programmed to extend upward to the fullest. Movie scenes incorporating driving, flying, various camera movements etc. are some of the movements the D-Box system is capable of simulating.

As of 2014, D-Box has created motion codes for about 1000 Blu-ray titles with more being released monthly. D-Box Blu-ray titles include the following:

Life of Pi
The Amazing Spider-Man
Apollo 13
The Fifth Element
The Blues Brothers
Top Gun
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Blade Runner
DodgeBall : A True Underdog Story
Bruce Almighty
The Mask
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
The Golden Compass
Super Speedway
Star Wars series
Indiana Jones series
Back to the Future series
Harry Potter series
Lord of the Rings series
Toy Story series
Matrix series
Austin Powers series
Spider-Man series
Fast and the Furious series
The Mummy series
Iron Man series (Note: in the first movie watch the first test of the Iron Man suit)

Note: To see all 1000+ D-Box Blu-ray titles here is a link


NOTE: See Home Theater for more info on the video portion of a home theater system.

NOTE: See Surround Audio Systems above for info on the audio portion of a home theater system.


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