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Home Theater - new 3D screen material from Stewart

In late 2010 Stewart Filmscreen introduced a new screen material called 5D. The material is designed to work beautifully with passive 3D systems and at the same time it will work well with 2D. In comparison to regular Silver 3D, it has a gain of about 2.0, about 32 degrees half gain, about 125 open close ratio with minimum mottle and solarization. So now, if you wish, you can have a single screen that will work with both formats.
Alternatively, there is the Stewart Daily Dual where two separate screens optimized for each of the two formats 3D and 2D reside on the same frame and the 2D screen retracts when 3D is being projected. This is, of course, a more costly solution, but it would be suitable for higher end installations where no-compromise performance is expected. 
Keep in mind that active 3D systems would not require this type of screen, nor would a passive system that uses Infitec filtering. 

NOTE: See Home Theater for more info on the video portion of a home theater system.

NOTE: See Surround Audio Systems above for info on the audio portion of a home theater system.


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