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Wi-Fi & Ethernet Networks - The Value of a Good Network

by Matt Parker-Guilbert, IT and Certified Crestron Programmer at Goodwin's High End

Many of us have a home computer network that consists of whatever was cheapest for our internet service provider to install. The rest of us most likely have a home network that we purchased at a big box store or website years ago. Over time we have increased the strain on our networks by adding more smartphones, tablets, media servers, and streaming devices for services like Hulu, among other things. Maybe you are even trying to stream movies to multiple televisions on your network at the same time. Having the equivalent of a garden hose for bandwidth may have been enough in years past, but now you probably need something more like a high pressure fire hose. Bandwidth isn't the only factor though. Stability of your network infrastructure is very important too. Security too can be of the utmost importance!

Maybe you need to reboot your router occasionally, or Netflix quietly streams standard def instead of HD, or maybe your Wi-Fi hasn't always worked right since you added that wireless extender. This is actually to be expected since most residential network hardware and even some wiring was not designed to handle more than a few computers. This is why your network simply struggles when trying to scale it up to a larger size. In addition interference from adjacent networks can be problematic unless the situation is properly addressed.

These are just some of the reasons that we recommend installing business grade networks for the majority of our clients. These networks are capable of better Wi-Fi, increased security, greater bandwidth, and directing traffic to specific network segments to increase efficiency. It is likely that the quality of your high resolution music is being affected if you are attempting to stream it to your new stereo using your old network. Installing one of our new systems on an old network is often similar to building a brand new house on an old crumbling foundation. If you are at least somewhat conversant with network terminology and design click here for some more technical information. Otherwise just skip the technical mumbo jumbo and talk to us about upgrading your network to make everything work the way you expect it to.

Tip: If you are building or renovating a new home, we would suggest that you involve us as early in the design process as possible.


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