Great people to deal with and a great price. Excellent double box packaging job and very fast shipping. Highest recommendation! A+++++
  Positive by  Buyer Troyoy (155) on 12-26-08  re: Digital

Fast shipment, nice pictures, great packing, good communication...a good asset to Audiogon!
  Positive by  Buyer Jazz (182) on 12-17-08  re: Amplifier

Excellent transaction - smooth, direct, and honest. Paul's experience is invaluable. Prompt communication. The Best !!!!!
  Positive by  Buyer Leoaiantosca (21) on 11-11-08  re: Speaker

Easy to deal with and fast shipping. The DAC is even better than described. Goodwins High End is second to none Audiogon seller. Many thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Hunlaohun (336) on 10-14-08  re: Digital

Smooth Transaction, Seller all about the business of Customer..Would Buy again
  Positive by  Buyer Mikie (534) on 10-03-08  re: Digital

txs so much. Item as described. fast shipping..would deal with again of course.   Positive by  Buyer Peterc (42) on 09-17-08

Very good transaction, I would definitely recommend Goodwins high end. Thanks Paul, item arrived in good condition and sounding great.
  Positive by  Buyer Markmf98 (30) on 09-16-08  re: Preamplifier

Fast shipping, excellent transaction AA++
  Positive by  Buyer Willtorre (112) on 09-06-08

Paul at Goodwins high end is awesome to deal with. Gave me a great deal and item was even better then I expected. First class operation to do business with all the way. Thanks again Paul
  Positive by  Buyer Harnellt (510) on 09-06-08  re: Digital

Thank for a great speaker and smooth transaction! Thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Thucphan1 (24) on 07-30-08  re: Speaker

Superb communications led to an easy transaction. Furthermore, Paul stands behind the product, so I had every confidence in the world. A+++
  Positive by  Buyer Rpghero27 (264) on 07-08-08  re: Amplifier

These guys are the best. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They also have the best listening rooms I've ever seen, if you can get there in person. Many thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Dcrugby (72) on 05-31-08  re: Speaker

Paul absolutely backed up his product every step of the way. Great customer service and first class service. I would buy again anytime, and give a very high recommendation for Goodwins.   Positive by  Buyer Leopard (9) on 05-21-08  re: Integrated Amp

Very professional dealer. The transaction was swift and the service pleasant. Item was rated 9/10 but was more like 10/10. Highly recommended.
  Positive by  Buyer Hhaehre (6) on 05-17-08  re: Digital

Oh, how I wished I lived in Boston! Goodwins High End goes the distance and then some to satisfy! Every inch of my transaction was perfect and to say that I'm just satisfied is an understatement. I'm thrilled! Thanks Paul!
  Positive by  Buyer Bg_easy (105) on 05-10-08  re: Preamplifier

A class act to deal with!Made buying a real pleasure with fast well packed shipping.Strongly recommended!
  Positive by  Buyer Cenline (99) on 03-31-08  re: Amplifier

Al is very helpful. Shipping was blazing fast and packing very good. Excellent experience.   Positive by  Buyer Ckorody (759) on 03-31-08  re: Accessory

Malcolm and the gang made the tranaction a pleasure and shipping was exceptionally fast.Item was as described-Highly recommended.   Positive by  Buyer Cenline (99) on 03-16-08  re: Amplifier

A+ very knowledgeable. would definitely do business with again
  Positive by  Buyer Starvingstudent (33) on 03-13-08  re: Cables

I purchased a Musical Fidelity X-DAC v8. Mint condition, well packaged, great service and fast shipping. Pleasure to do business with.
  Positive by  Buyer Ssuh (6) on 02-23-08  re: Digital

Packed perfectly it arrived intact and sounds wonderful with no extra charge for shipping—you guys rock—thanks much.   Positive by  Buyer Shlibotnik (138) on 01-24-08  re: Preamplifier

Great to deal with!
  Positive by  Buyer Acibik (9) on 01-11-08  re: Integrated Amp

very good communicator. fast service. hope to deal with again in the future.   Positive by  Buyer Dcroft (36) on 12-07-07  re: Cables

Wonderful to work with. Item as described. Many thanks!
  Positive by  Buyer Vaudiok2 (216) on 09-20-07  re: Amplifier

Easy to deal with, like new cable. I really can not ask for more. Thanks.
  Positive by  Buyer Hunlaohun (336) on 09-10-07

Doing business with Goodwins remains a no-brainer. Al M is very knowledgeable and his recommendations are always spot-on. Highly recommended.:.   Positive by  Buyer Rastek (9) on 09-09-07

Had an excellent experience with Paul. Bought a center channel speaker and amp for HT. Products in perfect condition, good prices and technical advise to top it off. Highly recommended!
  Positive by  Buyer Smithdean (3) on 08-10-07  re: Speaker

A great product with prompt shipping. Excellent correspondence and very helpful. I would gladly do business with again.   Positive by  Buyer Enorv888 (51) on 07-11-07  re: Amplifier

Easy to deal with, great communication & very knowledgeable—thanks Paul!
  Positive by  Buyer Badgerdms (105) on 07-05-07  re: Amplifier

Great to do Biz with..Paul was very accommodating in all aspects of transaction...Comm, Ship...etc
  Positive by  Buyer Sgs (97) on 05-18-07  re: Digital

Paul was polite, and answered all my questions. He shipped quick, and packed very secure. I would recommend this company to anybody looking for quality and service. Thanks again! Ralph
  Positive by  Buyer Rws1950 (3) on 05-18-07  re: Amplifier

Great seller, patient and helpful, a pleasure.   Positive by  Buyer Salivation (9) on 05-15-07  re: Speaker

Great seller, super fast shipping, honest, A++++
  Positive by  Buyer Kenk168 (273) on 05-03-07  re: Home theater

Honest seller and very fast shipping.Thanks....   Positive by  Buyer Wisman (26) on 04-16-07  re: Digital

Thanks Paul, smooth transaction, great value and clean product.   Positive by  Buyer G_m_c (165) on 04-16-07  re: Speaker

Speakers are perfect and in great shape. A great buying experience with Goodwins and Paul Chambers.   Positive by  Buyer Bryanhod (93) on 03-06-07

Great service and an awesome preamp sold by a polite and service orientated company. Highest recommendation
  Positive by  Buyer Yeast (651) on 01-07-07  re: Preamplifier

Excellent transaction. Packaged and shipped very well,honest seller,highly recommended.   Positive by  Buyer Sangtruong (189) on 12-06-06  re: Accessory

Good service, perfect packing, interconnect's condition as described, a very good buying experience, highly recommended
  Positive by  Buyer Likecap (516) on 11-29-06  re: Cables

Wonderful transport. Very good packing and fast shipping. Good communications. Very professional and friendly seller. Thanks to Paul from Italy
  Positive by  Buyer Dogessa (102) on 10-14-06  re: Digital

nice place to buy gear !! paul verry responsible & kind person will do biz soon AAA+++
  Positive by  Buyer Tungnguyen (474) on 10-03-06  re: Preamplifier

Paul was outstanding; the Linns are just as described I couldn’t be happier. Would do business again any day!
  Positive by  Buyer Wmembree (6) on 09-13-06  re: Speaker

Items exactly as described and well packed. Very satisfactory transaction.   Positive by  Buyer Sunshinesportsllc (6) on 09-13-06  re: Accessory

Two additional successful and excellent transactions. Thanks, Paul.   Positive by  Buyer Jjlckole (113) on 08-30-06  re: Cables

As always, the people at Goodwin's were professional and pleasant. I consider them to be the best in the business.   Positive by  Buyer Honest1 (45) on 08-20-06  re: Analog

Excellent transaction! The very best to do business with!!
  Positive by  Buyer Huggerray (597) on 07-27-06  re: Digital

Positive experience, Malcom was very professional and helpful with the purchase of this fabulous MC240!
  Positive by  Buyer Handyman28 (162) on 06-17-06  re: Amplifier

Great people to deal with.Very helpful.Thanks Paul.   Positive by  Buyer Jsolo (30) on 05-30-06  re: Speaker

Item as described, Fast shipping, great to deal with, recommended. AA++
  Positive by  Buyer Freud (48) on 04-21-06  re: Preamplifier

WOW!!!! This process was easy and seamless. Paul made my buying experience a very positive one. I would purchase from Goodwins High End again and would travel hundreds of miles to deal with them. Thanks
  Positive by  Buyer Visionarysound (21) on 04-09-06  re: Home theater

An utterly pleasant and delightful transaction with Paul and company; A+!!!
  Positive by  Buyer Js47122 (489) on 04-03-06  re: Preamplifier

Terrific transaction start to finish in all areas: Item was great as described, communication was good and the care that went into packing and shipping was the best I've ever seen! They went out of their way to make sure everything was done right!
  Positive by  Buyer Barrybertsch (78) on 03-15-06  re: Speaker

Thanks Paul. I recieved my cdp in good working order and in a timely manner.   Positive by  Buyer Scotandholly (162) on 03-06-06  re: Digital

Smooth transaction.Very professional and polite. Nice to have business with them.Thanks Paul
  Positive by  Buyer Periklis (3) on 02-27-06  re: Digital

My 5 ASC Tube Traps arrived a day early and in the condition stated. Paul was great to deal with. Will buy from again. A++++++
  Positive by  Buyer Pummill (54) on 02-27-06  re: Accessory

Amp arrived as described. Smooth and easy purchase with quick shipping. Would definitely do business again. A++++++++++
  Positive by  Buyer Juan081464 (81) on 02-08-06  re: Amplifier

A great company to do business with. The product was deliverd as promised...on time and in good condition. I will be happy to do business again.   Positive by  Buyer Tjkofoed (30) on 01-16-06  re: Cables

Smooth transaction,Fast shipping,Excellent seller,Thank you!
  Positive by  Buyer Antikaudio (168) on 01-09-06  re: Cables

Paul was very professional and concluded a very fast and efficient transaction.   Positive by  Buyer Zepolrotciv (192) on 09-17-05  re: Cables

Very positive experience. Cheers Paul!
  Positive by  Buyer Duffergit (6) on 09-03-05  re: Preamplifier

Very nice person to deal with, prompt payment, good communication, Highly Recommended!
  Positive by  Seller Tkmetz (678) on 09-01-05  re: Accessory

Great seller,Very fun to communicate with.Product was packaged with care and arrived in excellent condition.Thank You.   Positive by  Buyer B_whirley (18) on 08-19-05  re: Accessory

The Hafler amplifier works fine, and I was able to show up, buy it, and bring it home right away. Thanks very much!
  Positive by  Buyer 441khz (0) on 07-12-05  re: Amplifier

Preamp was pristine.better than described, Excellent experience, Highest rating!
  Positive by Naperaudio (297) on 03-30-05

Outstanding service! Great deal from these guys! Thanks Paul! A+++!
  Positive by Mphillips35 (1653) on 03-25-05

Paul is awesome to deal with, what more can i say !!! Highly recommended
  Positive by Dziggy7 (111) on 03-10-05