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Wolf Cinema Video Projectors

Wolf Cinema manufactures very high performance 3-chip DLP video projectors utilizing Xenon arc lamp technology. Because the field of video projectors can get highly technical we won't even try to get into describing all of the aspects that go into making a great moving image. But briefly, these projectors have top quality lenses, which if you know anything about lens optics you know that the best are very expensive. In addition the color gamut of these projectors is wider (a wider color space is better) than other projectors using UHP (Mercury arc) lamps. Another advantage is that these projectors reach their optimal color characteristics after 10 or 15 minutes of operation, unlike many other projectors which can take an hour to an hour and half to get up to full operating color potentialby which time a movie might be almost over!  Overall the accurate gamma (which is selectable via presets), color balance, and black level are all extremely good. What else can we say, the image quality is simply spectacular!  You're invited to come and see for yourself of course.

Video Projectors In-depth Wolf Cinema Info

If you are interested, there is a lot of technical information available in the following links:

      Wolf DCX Datasheet

      Wolf DCX Throw Distance1

      Wolf DCX Quick Setup

      Wolf DCX Lens and Cooling Duct Dimensions

      Wolf DCX Owner's Manual 

      Wolf Price List

      Wolf Cinema Website


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